All of our new client relationships get started the same way:

a formal Roadmapping session.

What is Roadmapping?

Glad you asked.


We spend 90 minutes answering a series of questions—peeling the layers off the onion, so to speak—in order to help you gain clarity, set direction, and identify next steps.

Maybe your marketing isn’t working, and you feel stuck.

Maybe your software developer keeps missing deadlines. You’re not sure how to remedy the situation.

Maybe you need to hire two new sales reps, but you can’t find good candidates.


We can troubleshoot expensive business problems and find the way forward.

We will send you away with a Roadmap that you can use—whether or not you choose to engage us for implementation.

Examples of Past Roadmapping Sessions

Media Production Company

Outlining minimum marketable feature set for photo editing app in order to get accurate quotes from dev shops

Registered Investment Advisor

Scoping out website redesign project in order to not overspend


Improving branding and positioning so that he could get more clients

Agency Owner

Developing personal brand and curating executive story so that he could generate more high-value client leads for his various businesses

Higher Ed Consultant

Designing strategy to get more speaking gigs because that’s where the principal really wanted to grow her business

Entrepreneur & Tech Consultant

Creating Table of Contents for LinkedIn blogging to build awareness for his coding bootcamps

iOS Dev Agency

Developing content strategy for website redesign, blog, internal process documents, and lead magnet

Why do we ask all new clients to invest in Roadmapping?

We like questions to figure out the real need (and potential wins) and determine if we’re a good fit for a full engagement.


We like to solve damaging problems that cause businesses to lose money.


But if it becomes clear, during or after the Roadmapping session, that you already have all the clarity and help you need, then we don’t insinuate ourselves.


Clients do, on occasion, hire us to do some of the block-and-tackle implementation that we discuss during the call and crystallize in the roadmap.

But that happens after you have given us a chance to truly understand your needs, outline the project accurately, and earn your trust.


Once both parties gain an accurate understanding of timeline, budget, and scope, both of us will have full confidence that we’re hammering the right nails.

How much does Roadmapping cost?

Right now, the full Roadmapping session and report cost $1500.

What happens next?
  1. You set aside a couple of minutes to answer some questions about your business here
  2. Once we receive your answers, we will follow up and schedule a time with you. By paying the invoice, you lock in your time.
  3. During the session, you do most of the talking. We ask questions and take notes.
  4. Two to three business days after the session, we send you the report. The report will include several ways we can work together should you decide you’d like our help.